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  1. you can stop, I have a cure for you I promise, just give me all of your money and you can never ever have this addition anymore.....
  2. self infliction? seems like a disease there should be a cure too. A rehabilitation center for retail traders 😊
  3. I would love to know if you're in net loss or profit since you started trading....(and btw for how many years you are trading?)
  4. Thats for being a professional trader, IG also offers premium services which can help you jump the queue or a direct line access. You don't need 500K for that.
  5. what is the definition of 'high net worth client'?
  6. I dare disagree, I have 1TB hard disk and 16 GB RAM SSD on laptop and only IG is running but still charts are not loading ...it's a problem on the platform for handling the volatility and volume ....
  7. loading problems on platform and I think it's because of high volatility.....of course it shouldn't be like this ...people can loss tons of money...
  8. I think tomorrow all indices just gonna down on the ground of multiple fears; new lock down 2, vaccine trail kind a failure for AZN, china stand off , brexit ..........
  9. Social gatherings above six banned in England from September 14....
  10. What happened to the indices just now? Am I missing any breaking news? 🙄
  11. Previously it showed 5 something points for FTSE 100 for Wednesday?
  12. Everyone can write code, but not everyone has a brilliant or even a profitable strategy to convert it into an algo and this is where the difference is. Doesn't matter if you could automate it not, a rubbish strategy while automated would still produce rubbish results and vice versa.
  13. Why don't you buy Youtube Premium, it's one of the best things I did, no brainwashing! 😁
  14. It's great, I was also working on these lines to find the historical patterns and trade according to these patterns, I worked on the following graph to find the patterns: