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  1. I think FTSE 100 is a good candidate for shorting; it's oil and banks heavy....Covid has a direct and rather drastic impact on it. US indices are tec heavy so I won't short them until mortgages default start if any ( very unfortunate though if it happens).
  2. @dmedinTrade 52, can't help myself, I am hopelessly addicted and wasting my life away Help Hey, I told you give me all of your money, you will never feel as light and relived ever before......do it before you go totally insane....
  3. you can stop, I have a cure for you I promise, just give me all of your money and you can never ever have this addition anymore.....
  4. self infliction? seems like a disease there should be a cure too. A rehabilitation center for retail traders 😊
  5. I would love to know if you're in net loss or profit since you started trading....(and btw for how many years you are trading?)
  6. Thats for being a professional trader, IG also offers premium services which can help you jump the queue or a direct line access. You don't need 500K for that.
  7. what is the definition of 'high net worth client'?
  8. I dare disagree, I have 1TB hard disk and 16 GB RAM SSD on laptop and only IG is running but still charts are not loading ...it's a problem on the platform for handling the volatility and volume ....
  9. loading problems on platform and I think it's because of high volatility.....of course it shouldn't be like this ...people can loss tons of money...
  10. I think tomorrow all indices just gonna down on the ground of multiple fears; new lock down 2, vaccine trail kind a failure for AZN, china stand off , brexit ..........
  11. Social gatherings above six banned in England from September 14....
  12. What happened to the indices just now? Am I missing any breaking news? 🙄
  13. Previously it showed 5 something points for FTSE 100 for Wednesday?
  14. Everyone can write code, but not everyone has a brilliant or even a profitable strategy to convert it into an algo and this is where the difference is. Doesn't matter if you could automate it not, a rubbish strategy while automated would still produce rubbish results and vice versa.
  15. Why don't you buy Youtube Premium, it's one of the best things I did, no brainwashing! 😁
  16. It's great, I was also working on these lines to find the historical patterns and trade according to these patterns, I worked on the following graph to find the patterns:
  17. May be thats why Warren B for very first time in 100 (almost) years invested in Gold just now....
  18. I would never understand anyone who knows 'successful' trading practically having a 'key' to unlimited wealth why would waste his/her time training others for such meager money.....and if the cause is charity then it should be free...
  19. @dmedinI've a naughty question to ask, are you a compulsive trader? for me as well, 1 minute chart does nothing, I find hourly best. But then I don't do technical and fundamentals much I do more on patterns trading.
  20. German PMI data is bad, UK data is much better but still both going downwards.......
  21. I always get the impression you only do long? is it?
  22. Hey jlz, do you mind if I ask what is the range of your funds to recover 17K?
  23. But isnt it August break is cancelled till there is an agreement on the bill?
  24. That's a good thing you have a math background, Jim is a renowned mathematician. For quant you just need to work on data, say last minimum 10 years of data to find patterns, for example I say if you want to trade on FTSE you need to find patterns for minimum and max high etc...and once you find patterns you need to test your strategies. Quant is much better as it's not an emotional response and it discards all the wrong **** response to news.
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