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  1. Same....Just in process of setting a Stop loss!! Not great!
  2. Just double checked my demo account and both demo accounts show an Orders tab
  3. Hi. i have contacted ig but no reply as yet (2 weeks ago) i have no orders tab on my live account it is only on the demo account. The only tabs that show up are ALERT and DEAL. I am on the new platform and using iMac and iPad., I am trading on the us market (NASDEQ). i am new to trading so still learning, if anybody could advise I would be really grateful. thanks all.
  4. Hi Charlotte. I am using an apple mac and apple iPad. trading US Stock. the orders tab is in the Demo account but not live. Go easy on me i am new to trading...Thankyou
  5. Hi i am new to IG and have set up accounts trading US stocks but i have no ORDERS tab only Alerts and Trades. The ORDERS tab is showing up in the demo account but not the live. i have been using an apple ipad and imac computer. any advice would be welcomed thankyou
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