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  1. Hi Guys Thanks very much to you all for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm starting to get somewhere now. USA Brokers Lightspeed and Speedtrader accept UK citizens. I already hold an IB account in the UK but the downside for me with this is that due to whatever european rules changed in 2018, europeans can no longer trade USA ETF's unless they meet the criteria as a professional. I will not have these issues with Lightspeed and Speedtrader. Another option i am looking at is offshore brokers tradezero and CMEG. As these are offshore (bahamas and trinidad based) you do not have to meet the pattern day trader minimums of $25k and they offer 6x leverage on very small accounts. I'm doing trials for all these but so far struggling with their charting platforms (I was always a keen eSginal user but none of these get close to the performance and functions of that so far). For IG, i believe they charge you 0.5% currency conversion fee each way for usa trading which is prohibitively expensive for the trades i do. Also, I believe theres the option to hold the account in us$ but if you do this you get charged $15 each way.....again ridiculous when most of the american brokers are offering commission free trades now or 0.004 per share or $2.95 fixed for example. My current IB account is via the UK tradestation which gives Realtick as part of it for free (albeit with slightly higher commissions via tradestation) but again am struggling with realtick, dont want to dedicate too much time to mastering it and instead just get up and running. I'm having a walkthrough demonstration with tradestation tomorrow. Maybe i just have to stop being a miser and pay up for eSignal and then choose the best broker for my trading. I found bullishbears to be a great website just to bring some of the other brokers to my attention which i hadnt found on google amongst some other good info on chart programs etc Thanks again guys, I'll keep you posted
  2. Hi guys. I'm an experienced investor with American brokerage accounts but looking at IG's CFD package. I primarily trade american stocks etc only. I'd be grateful if anyone could help with the following questions: 1. How can I get better searches based on ticker symbol. For example I want to trade JPM but when i put this in the search i get numerous JPMorgan offerings...I just want the pure JPM 2. For options, all I can see available are options for indices. How do I find options for any other ticker? 3. Chart data: Is this actual market data or IG only data (ie regarding volume)? How do i make a chart East Coast Time frame only? 4.Anyone experience of using Pro Real Time? Benefits of using this via IG or going direct to pro real time website where you get IG and IB. Are the prices to trade the same regardless of which system you go through? 5. Trading the USA. At the moment it seems very expensive to me to trade USA markets....ie 0.5% currency conversion every time you buy or sell or if want to hold account in dollars, something like $15 fee each way. Am I missing something? Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this or offer alternative solutions. I am now based in UK and British but only trade USA markets.