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  1. The Android app was never great for L2 information on many LSE (AIM) shares - see a suggestion I made to IG here a while ago: https://community.ig.com/t5/Suggestions/Make-use-of-the-empty-rows-for-SETSqx-Market-Maker-stocks-on-L2/m-p/9479#M474 And you would only be able to view the "last trade" with no way of displaying a list of historic trades like you can on the PC L2 Dealer application. But in the last 3.5 months - due to a fault - if you trade any SETSqx stocks you don't get the last trade, can't plot the graph points as "last traded" for each timescale (so can only use the sprea
  2. I changed my address no problems after moving abroad; I think I just did it in my account. You can only keep trading in an ISA however, not a normal trading account (though mine was never actually closed). Just be aware that if you contact IG not all staff are aware of the fact that you can keep an ISA going - so if you hit any resistance ask to speak to somebody else.
  3. Bumping, as I'm looking to get an official response please on keeping and trading an ISA after moving abroad.
  4. This is worrying, as I am looking to do the same thing. I was advised the following by Rebeckah H in customer support: Hi there If you open an ISA in the UK and then move abroad, you can’t put money into it after the tax year that you move. You must tell your ISA provider as soon as you stop being a UK resident. However, you can keep your ISA open and you’ll still get UK tax relief on money and investments held in it. You can pay into your ISA again if you return and become a UK resident. If this is NOT the case then IG you really need to clear this up for your clients. There is
  5. I trade mainly SETSqx (Market Maker) stocks on AIM, but since yesterday the graphs & trade data is not updating. This is apparently caused by LSE's third-party provider making some sort of major change that will take a month to resolve: https://twitter.com/NewtonsFluxions/status/876879432681762816 Is there anything you can do to help improve the situation? How about at least feeding the daily and weekly charts you provide with opening and closing values? Otherwise - as someone who relies on charts (on the Android App) constantly for my trading - I'm flying blind here!!
  6. Bump. I'm starting to get the feeling that those of us who like to invest in market maker / SETSqx stocks (most AIM ones) are the trading equivalent of second class citizens (L2 next-to-useless, no limit/stop orders available)...
  7. Hi , Why is it so difficult to offer stop-loss orders on SETSqx stocks? I'm sure I've seen this offered with other brokers. Or is this already planned for your new platform (when we finally get access to it)?
  8. Hi, Any update on this? It should be only a few lines of code surely to "uncombine" the L2 indicative values in the feed and make it behave like normal SETS share feeds. I still don't understand why it was even done that way in the first place. It is proving to be a real disadvantage not being able to see useful L2 information from the web or Android platform on these types of shares. Thanks
  9. Hi Tim, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the ProRealTime screener doesn't look like what I want here as it seems to be a search rather than an alert, but I will keep it in mind for other uses. I look forward to seeing this feature in the future then hopefully! Cheers
  10. I have a set of technical indicator alerts that I like to set on all stocks that I'm watching to give me potential "buy" or "sell" signals. But applying these individually to all stocks in my watchlist is extremely tedious. Please could you implement the ability to set "Watchlist Alerts" so I can edit my watchlist without having to redo/remove the alerts on each stock?
  11. I have L2 enabled on my account and trade mostly AIM stocks, which uses Market Makers on SETSqx. But unless I use the Windows L2 Dealer application, I find the information available on the web or mobile platforms to be a bit underwhelming. I have a simple solution to suggest... Instead of seeing this on the trade window/tab for a stock: 75,000 @ 17.75 | 15,000 @ 18.5 <blank row> <blank row> <blank row> For people with L2, it should be broken down to individual Market Maker positions - something like: 25,000 @ 17.75 | 15,000 @ 18.50 25,000 @ 17.75 | 25,000 @ 18.7
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