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  1. I see this quite often too.... not sure if these spikes happen in an instance ..
  2. Hi, Recently I had an encounter. My short position was closed before hitting stop loss. I have BRK.B in Long, but decided to Short, but 'Net Off' was selected (didn't know what that was)...so anyway I have the following parameters set Size:150 Level: 17450 Stop:17650 Limit:17050 All the above seems quite normal, but what happen was the price gap up, open high at 17495, but close at 17449.... I was puzzled ???? I had all the parameters set but why it close without hitting my stop loss... so I email IG Help Desk, but their reply is I hit the stop loss.... I am having a hard time understanding the logic... the only difference was the 'Net Off' which is to offset the size off my long position... but the order execution logic should still work the same... Can anyone explain to me why this could happen?
  3. Hi, recently I had the same problem. I had a long position on a BRK.B, decide to SELL for hedging off but 'Net Off' was selected and with following parameters Size 150 Level 17450 Stop 17650 Limit 17050 what happen was the price gap up, open high 17495 but close at 17449... didn't hit my stop loss. Partial position was deduct from my long position and had to pay for the lose trade as well... I didn't understand why with all parameters set, and yet the order did not execute as set parameters...