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  1. I like your thinking on this subject. All I know is that policy changes or disagreements between powerful forces can magnify normal cyclical trends. My MACD isn't really tradable as it plays out over a long period of time - probably of more value to an economist. I think it also worked for the Dotcom crash. interesting reports I picked up recently:- John Kicklighter posted on his twitter account yesterday he is a chief streategist at dailyFX.com owned by IG: "Since the $SPX's run above its 200DMA was unceremoniously called to an end, here's the Dow's - 444 trading days. Longest since June 1987" (he shows a chart) also "Peter Schiff Warns 'Deep State' Unafraid To Crash The Market On Trump's Watch" reported by zerohedge.com 4/4/2018 and many other sites. I've also heard said "What trade war more like trade squabble".
  2. This MACD idea was just something I stumbled upon in my research and looked interesting. I have not tested it going back decades. It just appeared something useful for the present 10-15 years. Whenever I see a cross, I just think hope the G's will be able to deal with it. Of course there is no guarantee this trend pattern will repeat, but there are a lot of fundamentals at play out there at the moment which could make things repeat again like before. I don't think my Bollinger Band ideas come in useful here. I tried 800 instead of 20 but think they just add confusion. I like playing around a lot with averages 800, 500, and 34 and that's how I discovered this trend pattern.
  3. Always brilliant commentary . I've been a way a while doing other stuff but had to come back with this observation of the Nikkei 225 which I've been tracking for years. Long timeframe but worth noting. Hopefully worse case scenario can be averted.
  4. Have just added in a trend line from my 4 hour chart to the 2 hour chart just in case I need to switch because to a key Bollinger point for me just below $10,100 on the 2 hour chart is looking vulnerable. Otherwise no worries.
  5. Based on previous pattern market will hold at MA area or head back down towards lower Bollinger Band - Support area. No worries. Upward trend line still intact.
  6. 11:55 am Saturday 17/02/2018 Looks like based on last years support and resistance arrows if the market now consolidates nicely over $10,600 it should go higher other wise next stop down will be the 20 MA and then failing that then it will be back below $10,000 and as low as $9,400. Enjoy ! Bitcoin heading up - just broke $11,000 up from nice consolidation over $10,600 as predicted
  7. End of Feb $13,000 min looks more reasonable
  8. No way will it reach $22,000 end of Feb
  9. You may like. Spot the similarities and differences. May help (or not). Enjoy !
  10. When you start to theorize about writing an algorithm and creating stats how can you miss fractals?
  11. Really great pics. Also great with teaching others your approach including but not limited to risk control and money management.
  12. The work he had a peek at is not relevant to me today but that's one of the reasons why I like to try and be original, and create my own stuff ! I'm no Phd !!!!
  13. OK you win. Most people customise (that's the tricky bit), do you customise? I would be a bit worried if you told me you didn't customise because mostly only "black box" traders don't have to customise.
  14. Hi your above post should have been in reply to mine in the Bitcoin thread ? Am I right ?
  15. Sorry everyone I had to give thumbs up for almost all his postings here, because, in a way learning everything .........is hard work and not everybody has got time and access so I guess it would make sense for some to follow shortcut (I'm not suggesting shortcuts to the sites he's recommending as I have not viewed them) and leave short selling to others.......
  16. No? Keep your eye on the ball ????
  17. I put this in section but include it here as well Market hit retracement level. So I guess we now look for three bar start of higher highs and higher lows. Then one bar which breaks the low again and has a lower high and we've got a fractal start skywards (or not)? On which day will the next weekly bar start? This stuff isn't really my area of expertise, although I did once have the late Professor Mandelbrot take a peek at my work !!!!
  18. To achieve your dream would mean every trader on the planet having to follow one Guru. Once that happens you'll all be going over a cliff together and they'll be nobody to catch you !!!!
  19. You are a genius. Such a competition cannot be compared with lets say the brilliant poker competitions which end in Vegas !!!! Then again with a poker competition everybody draws their data from the same source. In trading financial commodities everybody gets their data from different sources and at different speeds. Not a level playing field like in a game of poker.
  20. I replied to @TrendFollower that his thoughts were interesting. I also wrote that I've decided not to speculate on this as it's not really what I think I'm good at though I know where his figure of $12,940 is coming from.
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