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  1. I like your thinking on this subject. All I know is that policy changes or disagreements between powerful forces can magnify normal cyclical trends. My MACD isn't really tradable as it plays out over a long period of time - probably of more value to an economist. I think it also worked for the Dotcom crash.


    interesting reports I picked up recently:-


    John Kicklighter posted on his twitter account yesterday he is a chief streategist at dailyFX.com owned by IG:


    "Since the $SPX's run above its 200DMA was unceremoniously called to an end, here's the Dow's - 444 trading days. Longest since June 1987" (he shows a chart)




    "Peter Schiff Warns 'Deep State' Unafraid To Crash The Market On Trump's Watch" reported by zerohedge.com 4/4/2018 and many other sites.


    I've also heard said "What trade war more like trade squabble".

  2. This MACD idea was just something I stumbled upon in my research and looked interesting. I have not tested it going back decades. It just appeared something useful for the present 10-15 years. Whenever I see a cross, I just think hope the G's will be able to deal with it. Of course there is no guarantee this trend pattern will repeat, but there are a lot of fundamentals at play out there at the moment which could make things repeat again like before.  I don't think my Bollinger Band ideas come in useful here. I tried 800 instead of 20 but think they just add confusion. I like playing around a lot with averages 800, 500, and 34 and that's how I discovered this trend pattern.

  3. 11:55 am Saturday 17/02/2018

    Looks like based on last years support and resistance arrows if the market now consolidates nicely over $10,600 it should go higher other wise next stop down will be the 20 MA and then failing that then it will be back below $10,000 and as low as $9,400. Enjoy !

    Bitcoin heading up - just broke $11,000 up from nice consolidation over $10,600 as predicted

    Bit Mega.png

  4. Sorry everyone I had to give  thumbs up for almost all his postings here, because, in a way learning everything .........is hard work and not everybody has got time and access so I guess it would make sense for some to follow  shortcut (I'm not suggesting shortcuts to the sites he's recommending as I have not viewed them) and leave short selling to others.......

  5. I put this in   section but include it here as well


    Market hit retracement level. So I guess we now look for three bar start of higher highs and higher lows. Then one bar which breaks the low again and has a lower high and we've got a fractal start skywards (or not)? On which day will the next weekly bar start? This stuff isn't really my area of expertise, although I did once have the late Professor Mandelbrot take a peek at my work !!!!

  6. You are a genius. Such a competition cannot be compared with lets say the brilliant poker competitions which end in Vegas !!!! Then again with a poker competition everybody draws their data from the same source. In trading financial commodities everybody gets their data from different sources and at different speeds. Not a level playing field like in a game of poker.

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