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  1. I don't know if I read enough, but I believe at least now you can trade faster with Bitcoin through the futures exchange if you want to get rid of your Bitcoins because previously I read somebody complaining it was taking them 12hrs. Imagine the crush if everybody had suddenly wanted to get out at the same time. It would have blacked out the planet !!!!

  2. You're right , and I've just been taking one too many risks with commentary to make the competition more fun. It would have helped though had I done a bit more homework on the stats before I started. !!!!


    I read about somebody making a comparison with silver - very interesting what you posted. Maybe this month is not just a simple repeat of previous months, and with a lot more at stake.

  3. You'll probably be shocked but I've hardly done any back research on Bitcoin price volatility but it looks like 20% corrections every month or so are the norm at least since July but not October which was nearer 10%. No wonder IG like the futures exchanges need breaks in trading (circuit breakers)........... IG clients obviously much smarter than those with other firms !!!!

  4. co founders bitcoin sold all bitcoin


    bitcoin as good as useless says bitcoin co founder


    bitcoin co founder sells entire stash calls it virtually unusable as a currency


    I blame the Aussie media for trying to bring down Bitcoin and exacerbating this panic check out short cuts to articles posted by me earlier in this thread.