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  1. Can you broaden this conversation to "Awesome Oscillator Building Momentum And Other IG Offerings" as I don't know how to do it?
  2. Thought I would check out what of IG's off the shelf offerings could be useful for catching the big ones in Bitcoin trading. This is what I've discovered for the 1hr chart. Apart from what I've already been using as per the photos that I've been showing off with, the CCI and W%R looked interesting. It seems whenever the line leaves the centre no matter top or bottom it presents a potential buy or sell opportunity. I may include them in my future pics !!!!. I tried the awesome oscillator but it didn't work for me, no doubt because it's got to be set up properly in combination with other offerings and customised research.
  3. Bitcoin the weekend currency of choice - looks like we may be waking up to Bitcoin roars past $20,000 on Monday. Hopefully not too many kids asked their parents for Bitcoin's as presents. When your kids start talking Crypto you're in trouble !!!!
  4. You could create a 20yr Bitcoin Bond for what is remaining to be mined?
  5. You forgot to mention that IG have got that built into their chart package. I'm using the ones on the old platform and it's there. Do they mention that kind of information which you're providing in the academy section........? I often wonder where they get their ready made numbers from........? There's so much provided on the IG platforms I'm sure many people don't get to find them all out.
  6. I forgot to mention that I use the charts on the old platform - but always hard tracking timeframes, price volatilities, and conducting back checks................. unless of course a machine !!!!
  7. It's becoming more expensive to mine so I guess it makes sense for Bitcoin to reflect that. Another 20 years to go I think but why should anybody want to continue mining it for the next 20 years when there is no guarantee of what the price will be then ?
  8. Maybe you missed reading this last week........... (and yes I am using IG charts) also has been having some really good conversation teaching people what you talk about and where they can get more information from. I am self taught and believe that I am unique and original therefore I'm no good at same. "Re: Santa Rally 2017 Tuesday Part two in answer to your question @Caseynotes this is how I am using Bolllinger's forget what the books say !! Using say 20, 3.00 many or most will be using 20, 2.00 to mark out the terrain - this is the first advantage (you can change to whatever suits your research best). You need two significant points nearest the current price/target. One line for peaks, and the other for troughs. Use the upper and lower Bollinger Bands to pick out your points many or most will be using actual prices - this is the second advantage. Then its a simple matter to back check and see what happens when price/target hits or crossess over your trajectories - if 20, 3.00 isn't working well then make adjustments till you think you got an edge (artistic license). Also research the horizontal trajectories created by the peaks and troughs of the Bollinger Bands see what happens when price/target hits or crosses over them. Enjoy! P.S. The above has nothing to do with my work with algorithms and the Nikkei 225! When the above works or doesn't is up to you! You always need to do your research be able to calculate the risk reward ratio when price/target hits or crosses over your trajectories - some people can do this in their head and by memory others can't." ****** New******* The third advantage - not every time frame enables you to draw trajectories like I've described. You have to go looking but not get too close for wipe out. That's how I caught the Bitcoin break there was massive force breaking the ceiling on timeframe I homed into. I had to do my research at lightning speed to find out when such massive force had last been used (see my chart with arrows) then see what the outcomes were going forward (all my own original thinking and it worked). Many or most people aren't flexible enough with time frames, and clueless how to navigate them to their advantage.
  9. I'm onto it. Trajectories of interest till the New Year.
  10. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet
  11. Yes, and sterling down is good for stocks ?
  12. Thought I would take a look at some Sterling trajectories.
  13. Thank you Ether for Bitcoin steam but I would also love you to end the year 2017 where Bitcoin started !!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you Etherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!
  15. To understand what I'm up to here i.e. my approach you will have to read two postings I did one for Savvyscot in my Nikkei section of my posts and another on how I use Bollingers to Caseynotes in the Bitcoin section of my posts. I am creating trajectories ahead of price for this competition we're having only. If I did the research I'd be looking for opportunities to trade when the price crosses the trajectory but the risk and money management aspect of any trade has to be backed up with your own historical research (I can't help you with that, and everything I'm showing is my own copyright i.e. I'm not following any books or what somebody else has taught me). I'm choosing timeframes where I think there is an opportunity to draw a trajectory of interest that is my starting point, see how I caught the developing breakout in Bitcoin last night.
  16. When I mentioned that: "I would love to see an upside of 17900 on IG (DBF) charts before pullback ? Will it have enough steam ?" One should never have wishful thinking when deciding where to get in and out. That is dangerous ! I only said that I would love, but not that I would use it as a signal. There that could happen in between !!!!
  17. I'll post the Ether 15 minute soon because that for some reason has been taking a hit each time Bitcoin heads up.
  18. I would love to see an upside of 17900 on IG (DBF) charts before pullback ? Will it have enough steam ?
  19. Yes highs were important for this kind of move. If it breaks through it will the first in a long while.
  20. Haven't done the research but everybody must be wondering will Footsie hold or where the support. Here are my thoughts of the moment.
  21. USD/JPY not looking good, Japan stocks down, Bitcoin has taken off.