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  1. Haven't done the research but everybody must be wondering will Footsie hold or where the support. Here are my thoughts of the moment.
  2. USD/JPY not looking good, Japan stocks down, Bitcoin has taken off.
  3. Arrows point to last time Bitcoin hit the ceiling with such force. Worth seing how develops.
  4. Another 8 minutes to go to the hour but Bitcoin appears to have made a potential serious break up and Ether down. Interesting next one or two hours
  5. I shouldn't be doing these pics. ahead of time. One should have time to get in and still make some money once the price or target has crossed the trajectory that's if you do you homework/research right. But since I did the 1hr for Ether I thought I may as well do the 1hr for Bitcoin.
  6. The info is a bit late, but if you didn't read it you may like https://www.ig.com/uk/indices-news/2017/12/14/levels-to-watch--ftse-100--dax-and-dow-41155
  7. Personally I would love Ether to end the year where Bitcoin started. That would make a really interesting start to 2018.
  8. The big guys definitely appear to have taken control for now. It could be called "pump and prime", arbitrage, or, something under-the-counter !
  9. Accidently wiped out my other pic. again I must remember to keep it stored !!!!
  10. Seems not even the Chinese market could get excitement going and I was reduced to watching the 5 minute chart of Bitcoin. I'm off.
  11. Interesting you're a genius finding all this kind of stuff. I wonder if Bitcoin will take a hit in the Far East tonight because I'm personally getting pretty fed up watching paint dry !!!!
  12. Sorry. It's the same author and article repeated in South Africa.
  13. Checked out your question on the news now website "bitcoin options" for breaking news and got your Bloomberg reference but also another not sure if it's the same author as have not checked yours yet http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/914884730?-::0
  14. I got it to work. I didn't realise until the end how good the quality was. Unfortunately I then cancelled the pic from my public file and it also got cancelled from my reply. Anyway at least I'm now satisfied with quality, and will be able to do a lot more.
  15. Caseynotes wrote: What, no pic? Yes they will be as price struggles making higher highs continuing to lose momentum though still above the 20 sma on the 4 hour but only just. Also seen in the continuing RSI divergence.
  16. Interesting. I was looking at the three hour one which appeared to have more force closing in. I had only wondered about its potential without having done any research because of the Fed announcement due later today. Briefly looking back at recent history it would not have looked like there was much action to be traded going forward. I have been experimenting with the pic's but fear I loose detail if I don't use a camera. When you've got time remind me how you did the picture?
  17. Not sure of the meaning but my Bollinger Bands are closing in on IG Bitcoin (USD) price in a heavy weight kind of way.
  18. Thanks for the video clip it was something that had crossed my mind but did not want to look stupid mentioning it. Good thing you used the video clip !!!!
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