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  1. So little being written about Ether weird.
  2. Maybe Bitcoin waiting on interest rates, and in the meantime people thought Ether cheaper. I also think Ether is currently hammering Bitcoin in the media.
  3. Interesting. I shall check it out in due course as my computer I think stores it as pdf or something else.
  4. How does that work. I tried that and loaded it to my computer and then tried to load it back to IG and it would not accept the format. I'm still trying to fix some technical problems my end so that may be the reason.
  5. You would have caught Ether this way on the 1hr chart (DBF)
  6. Part two in answer to your question this is how I am using Bolllinger's forget what the books say !! Using say 20, 3.00 many or most will be using 20, 2.00 to mark out the terrain - this is the first advantage (you can change to whatever suits your research best). You need two significant points nearest the current price/target. One line for peaks, and the other for troughs. Use the upper and lower Bollinger Bands to pick out your points many or most will be using actual prices - this is the second advantage. Then its a simple matter to back check and see what happens when price/target hi
  7. Thanks I will try what works best for me but for now I've uploaded some examples into my public album and will see if I can now get them into my responses for .
  8. Interesting maybe waiting on interest rates. Ether has taken off my Boll method would have caught it on the 1hr chart (USD) (DBF)
  9. AHA. Understood. I'm using old platform. I've taken some photo's using a camera and uploaded them and made public now just need to find out how to include in responses. Thank you.
  10. I was going to give a lesson on the approach to Savvyscott but they did not take up my offer. I haven't worked out yet how to get my charts on here - they would blow your mind ???? Check out my recent posts with TrendFolllower we've been really busy.
  11. Maybe the Rubicon is due another visit then ?
  12. I Draw tragectories using the outer bands of my Bollingers 20 3.00 and on my FTSE 100 (DFB) the price crossed north of the Rubicon at 7400 on the 2hr chart that would have been Friday.
  13. Using points on my Boll Bands to draw support and resistance lines Bitcoin USD (DFB) based on IG pricing it will need to break through 17500 to get any excitement going during these historic 24hrs. Then again it has to be said a new order is developing therefore initial surprises can be expected. May also have to wait for the US markets to open. I'm off !!!!!
  14. Does IG have the liquidity problem, and if IG don't come back to answer we won't ever know. It may not have been a fast market either.
  15. Can IG explain why there appears to be a problem with orders not being accepted ?
  16. Thanks for that insight. Looks like a very technical start. It will be interesting to see if we get a wave pattern like whether we are currently on a developing wave three or five?
  17. Could IG explain to the community what happened to Debzella so that we can all learn from it?
  18. Thank God I didn't do more than. If Bitcoin doesn't hit 17,000 or 13,000 I'm going to call it a bad start ????
  19. Just in time before Bitcoin futures get going in less than half an hour !!!!!
  20. Does that mean we should all press the report inappropriate content button or get eliminated ourselves?
  21. I don't know what's going but going against James and IG is not a good idea !!! Will all get wiped out come the morning !!!
  22. I thought this was all about trying to win a competition and win a prize from IG for our community spirit exchanging knowledge and ideas between each other, and having a bit of fun conversation when not trading or bored of looking at our screens waiting for a signal/alert?
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