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  1. Thank God I didn't do more than. If Bitcoin doesn't hit 17,000 or 13,000 I'm going to call it a bad start ????
  2. Just in time before Bitcoin futures get going in less than half an hour !!!!!
  3. Does that mean we should all press the report inappropriate content button or get eliminated ourselves?
  4. I don't know what's going but going against James and IG is not a good idea !!! Will all get wiped out come the morning !!!
  5. I thought this was all about trying to win a competition and win a prize from IG for our community spirit exchanging knowledge and ideas between each other, and having a bit of fun conversation when not trading or bored of looking at our screens waiting for a signal/alert?
  6. This would all have to happen on a weekend wouldn't it when the office is shut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On another note Bitcoin is standing like the Statue of Liberty and a firework about to go off today. Cheers to the week ahead everybody.
  7. What put me off reading any more was when I read:- "best known for popularizing the controversial trading strategy TREND FOLLOWING" It immediately felt like a joke statement. Also there was a list of points of wisdom that looked cheap especially so because the list was just so long my eyes were about to go hungry. Also anything that is included free has got to be suspect. It looked like a website just trying to sell some very ordinary looking books. He looked like a snake oil salesman to me. Sorry!!!!
  8. Here is a bit more to help you along. If you are are going to start using art not science for price discovery the first thing you got to do is learn to work the machine/market to your advantage. You've got to take precise control of risk, and cut out emotion. You've got to make yourself invisible and beyond reach when you take a decision, and you need an in and out strategy. Think of wargames, and special operations, and imagine the hostile enviroment you are about to enter is a market which takes no prisoners - a zero sum game. Always do your research/homework first that way you'll have the best chance of not getting at best ambushed and at worst wiped out. Get lots of experience on the Demo account first. You've also got to learn money management, and risk control. Not all wins make money if your not good at money management and risk control. It will also never be good if one loss can wipe you out. Many people will tell you the longer you hold on to your money the more you will learn and hopefully survive. IG can teach - there is the academy and all sorts of goodies and it's all free. People pay hundreds and sometimes thousands just to attend workshops, conferences, and seminars. Enjoy !!!! Need some fun ideas with Bollinger Bands let me know.
  9. Looks like Bitcoin has found support like on previous downturns - some manipulation going on!!!!!!
  10. Over ten years work. Decades. It's a continuous work in progress. Everybody knows how dangerous binaries are so even though I got five days right in a row (a whole week) with winning odds between 100% and 500% they would still think I got lucky!!! By the way it was all for fun - I didn't put money on but was just trying to win the monthly competition. That is why it's worth you taking a bit of time to learn on the Demo account and through the Academy it can be just as fun especially now that there is a monthly competition on. You've got to get all the right info you need on your screen in front of you. Obviously not everything that professionals use is covered by IG, but IG do have clients winning over six figures a year so you are in good company when you trade through them.
  11. Yes. Caseynotes is doing some interesting work!!!!
  12. There is loads of information on the IG website the problem is many people do not have the time to go through it all. But I'm sure James can help direct you. Personally I'm one who has never had that time. I watched the webinar on crypto-currencies for an hour and it was fun. Interesting also to see how the new platform can be used effectively. I always think I can fit more onto the screen with the older one, or, that I have more control. I may now try having another look at the new platform.
  13. The excitement has gone the next 4hr bar is a dud. I'm off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Looking at my 4hr Boll 20 3.00 for Bitcoin USD if it closes above the middle line we're looking upwards again - will depend how that line holds !!! But there has been nothing like this happening on the 4hr chart since beginning of the month - Exciting.
  15. Looking at my Boll 20 & 3.00 for Ether since yesterdays low Ether broke through the centre line a buy signal whereas Bitocoin went down. In the last 4hr Ether hit top Boll band which appears to have triggered a Bitcoin sell-off but who is to know for sure if it's going to be a big one? Enjoy !!!
  16. It is really hard to predict e.g. it's now roughly 33 mins past the hour and on my 4hr chart of Bitcoin USD looking at my Boll 20 & 3.00 it's just dropped below the centre line a sell signal ( hasn't done that for quite a long time) and could be heading down to the lower Boll line but who is to know? Enjoy!!!
  17. I've been doing some research. It's been a boring week for me as I've have had some really massive technical problems to sort out with my computer hardware and software and which is why I've been so much unusually distracted by Bitcoin - my speciality being the Nikkei 225 !!!! With the futures market about to open I thought to sound out some inside opinion. I googled the words "bitcoin futures precedent" and started reading some interesting results about the future of the Bitcoin market and the likely effect and performance of the futures market in the initial stages. Good insider insight as well on the many questions and comments being posted on the IG website !!! Enclosing links to some of the articles I've been reading:- https://www.forbes.com/sites/valleyvoices/2017/12/08/wild-west-crypto-futures-bitmex-talks-to-lloyd-george/ https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2017/11/29/2196222/why-bitcoin-futures-and-a-shoddy-market-structure-pose-problems/ http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoins-6-biggest-risks-2017-11 Enjoy!!!
  18. How much of Bitcoin trading is already on margin is what I would like to know. I should think the futures market will definitely be adding to it in the coming weeks and months. Enjoy!
  19. You may like https://www.cryptocompare.com/exchanges/guides/how-to-trade-bitcoin/ also https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/guides/what-affects-the-bitcoin-price/ Enjoy !!!
  20. Interesting. Just did a check using the charts I use for bitcoin see my posts and it looks like there could be a play between gold and bitcoin as they appear to be diverging on the daily charts. They may continue that way or are both looking stretched. Copy of My Bitcoin post below "I don't have a position in this market but created some charts Boll 20 & 3.00 MACD 12, 26 & 9 and Stoch 5 & 3 no confirmed sell signal yet but now market looks a bit stretched check out the daily Bitcoin (GBP) top bollinger band - it does not look like it will go much higher than the high already reached around 12,000 !!!! Going forward Bar a massive security breach I think it will keep going up until all the possible bitcoins have been mined or the small gang of people who control Bitcoin decide to roll out the next stage."
  21. Enjoyed reading your work. A lot of people must be thinking what opportunities there are in simultaneously buying one crypto and selling another or trading differences. I don't have a position in this market but created some charts Boll 20 & 3.00 MACD 12, 26 & 9 and Stoch 5 & 3 no confirmed sell signal yet but now market looks a bit stretched check out the daily Bitcoin (GBP) top bollinger band - it does not look like it will go much higher than the high already reached around 12,000 !!!! Going forward bar a massive security breach I think the frenzy will continue until all the possible bitcoins have been mined or the small gang of people who control Bitcoin roll out phase 2. Enjoy!
  22. The only people who get a lot of fun plunging naked into a market are those who play with other peoples money, have their eye on commission, or, have very deep pockets.
  23. I read that processing one single Bitcoin transaction requires enough energy to power nine U.S. households in a day. No wonder the price is going up. Enjoy !!!
  24. I used to do a lot of Technical Analysis but now prefer creating proprietary/custom made algorithms plus stats. I couldn't help however taking an interest in Bitcoin just for fun. I created some charts Boll 20 & 3.00 MACD 12, 26 & 9 and Stoch 5 & 3 and I couldn't help thinking that GBP Bitcoin could drop to 6,000 or even 4,000 next week !!! I'm not betting any money on it though !!! Enjoy !!! Interesting article on crypto currencies !!! https://www.thestreet.com/story/14278080/1/bitcoin-s-biggest-problem-revealed.html