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  1. it **** up again now.some of my psoitions went missing.
  2. Does IG usually refund the whole loss? or refuse to refund?
  3. i'm not sure. Just closed my trades. thanks to ig have made a loss of $6500.
  4. I'm new to IG and trading. Should i close my trade and claim the loss from iG?
  5. what are we supposed to do now? close the positions at a big loss and file claim or wait? this is frustrating. we shouldnt be going through this. We should tell we will contact media as well as sue them. They defintetly wouldnt want bad publicity.
  6. Its visible now, with massive losses, I'm to close my positions at a loss ? would you guys pay me back? i have sent an email but havnt got a reply yet. tried calling the Australian number but it hangs up on me. your customer service needs to be improved big time.
  7. we should consider that and also contactoing media, if IG doesn't refund us for all our losses.
  8. System crashed, cnt see my open trades, and I'm on a loss of $7000 and counting. been trying to close my position, but cnt see my trades. Want to open some trades, but afraid that I wont be able to see my trades. this is very frustrating.
  9. here, been trying to close my position, but cnt see my open trades.
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