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  1. Hi, For some markets the spread is not indicated on the deal ticket: Example ETFS WTI Crude. Is this intentional and is there a way to change it? The screenshot below shows this in action. On the left is WTI crude with the spread shown. To the right is the Wisdomtree ETF for WTI crude, spread not shown (this happens to be the dec forward). I can't find any setting to enable/disable show of spread. Thanks
  2. Hi, First post, and in the interest of full disclosure I used to work for IG. I'm now a client. Ok, on with the thread: The alerts currently on offer are great. I'd like to use this thread to suggest potential updates and new features, and to invite anyone else to do the same. Some of these should hopefully be quite easy. Others I can imagine as several months of effort 1. For price change alerts, include the current market price in the alert text rather than just the change. Example. I have a 1% in 1 day price change alert on US Crude Oil. When the alert triggers, the message I receive is "Oil - US Crude up 1.01% in 1 day". Change this to something like "Oil - US Crude up 1.01% in 1 day to 2850". Hopefully this one is dirt cheap to implement since the information is already in the system somewhere, so the extra info might just be a variable somewhere in the alert service. 2. Trigger alerts based on time rather than price. Example. Send me the bid/offer of FTSE 100 at 10am each day. Example time frames might be "specific time each day", or "every X hours". This may need the ability to specify a quiet period to prevent 2am alerts... or not. 3. Trigger alerts based on market state change. Every time a market changes from Open to Closed with Edits or vice versa (8am or 4:30pm for UK shares), send an alert to give the closing/opening level and the new state of the market. This would be particularly useful during high volatility periods when things like limit down happen. 4. Trigger a daily summary alert with a snapshot of account info. In the most simple case, just push P&L each day at a specific time 5. P&L and/or balance based alerts - Trigger alerts based on specific changes to balance figures. Example. P&L changes from +ve to -ve, or P&L increases above a certain figure, or Account balance (Cash + P&L) crosses a threshold. Would obviously need some kind of throttling if the threshold gets crossed multiple times in short order 6. Customisation of COM alerts: Let users specify the levels of com Based alerts. Current thresholds, if memory servers, are set at 99% and 70% for COM based alerts. Allow me to opt into 150% and 200% alerts, helping avoid panic. 7. Let me set price change alerts on mobile (may already be on Android, but isn't on iOS). Number 1 is top of my wish list just because I think it's quick to do. The others - probably needs to be put to some kind of test group to see which gets the most traction. Cheers