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  1. Hey all. Bowed out for 8-9 months. I can see the bull is still running. Hope all is well. Interesting to see where things go from here toward year end and if there's a push for new highs.
  2. Great contributions as always. Do we think a bearish decline towards 23000 is on the horizon with the interest rate decision from Bank of England looming next week?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did manage to speak with someone in IG customer service who advised that the issue has been occurring for over a year and won't be resolved soon. I recall the widget section working fine most of the time on the iPhone 6 however not on the my new handset. Could this be an ios10 or iPhone 7 issue? Many Thanks, Vasilis
  4. Hello, I have an iPhone 7 with ios 10, and the IG price feed doesn't update in the widgets section. The time updates but all the prices remain the same. Tried uninstalling and installing the app again but it's the same. Is anyone else getting this or can and anyone advise how to fix? many thanks vasilis
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Might be worth staying in with that small short for now. Also, All eyes on Italy this coming Sunday, a no vote could trigger a domestic drop and euro drop, will this send ripples across the pond? Who knows.
  6. Thanks, great site. Looks like the Dow could be testing a resistance line here at 19,150 to 19,175. Sell off possibly in the near future? I think there's a pullback in the works here, let's see..
  7. Interesting. Hedging isn't something I've looked into until now. I find that if you are going to enter then do so with the intent to see it through although that mentality has cost me of late. Does anyone ever pay attention to the market data? Chart analysis seems odd. Bullish with targets at 19,800 and 20,000 in extension. Bonkers. 83% of open positions are short. I'm not sure what kind of help and clarity one can gleen from that 'data'. Can anyone recommend any solid websites for market data?
  8. Sound reading again, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply and get in on the discussion. Read evey link and listened to the podcast intently. Interesting how the Dow is traditionally a 'follower' index yet for several days has been seen to lead the rally. In a market that is seemingly over-bought there is a margin for a pullback however the Bulls have indeed gone mad on this one. 19080 and still going. I have refrained from engaging in new trades for a few days now as it's too unpredictable but I have kept that 1 short position open in anticipation of a pullback. I could probabl
  9. Good points all round. Looking at today's activity the market has reached that high point breaking past the 19000 barrier. All things considered this doesn't surprise me, the market finds optimism in just about anything (when it wants to). I'm resisting jumping on the wagon though as I feel that the Bulls can't possibly run for much longer, given that the index has touched an all time high in such an uncertain time it's due to come down at least some of the way. I closed off most of my short positions, at a loss, but kept one open for the inevitable (here's hoping) pullback. There's also one o
  10. Good reading from everyone, it's certainly made me sit up and take notice. As for my short positions, I have closed off some off them however th market looks like it's moving sideways at present, neither advancing nor retracting. It will be interesting to see what happens now. Is profit-taking going to occur? Will the Bulls push for another all time high?
  11. Thanks again for your very good replies, definitely helpful. I was thinking around 18500 for the pullback but 18600 more likely, if it should transpire that a pullback is in effect. Again, knowing the markets they will want to push for that new 19000 high. Do you think the time of year might help matters? Normally we see a bit of a sell-off before Christmas. There's also the appointment of Trumps cabinet which might be a factor for a pullback. I have taken your advice and set my stops. Let's see what happens. It's certainly a help that I am able to find good insight here so once again thanks f
  12. and Thanks for the valuable lessons and insight. I enjoyed reading both responses. At this rate I'm just looking to minimise the losses, I am not fussed about the Dow returning to my entry point but I would take half way at this point so I can at least rescue some capital. As Mercury says in a time of such uncertainty and with ongoing global issues the market has risen to an all time hight just illustrates that the market will do what it wants. A Dow Jones drop to the 18500 mark would pretty much get me out so I can live to fight another day. Doesn't seem like much of a way to go, but it is
  13. Thanks for your insight and opinion. I suppose the market could go down at any moment given that it's trading unusually highly right now. How long will the overly optimistic sentiment last. I can see the index touching 19,000 but yet again, why should it? A pre-Holiday sell off should occur plus the Fed are due to meet in December, unless that's been postponed until 2017?
  14. Hi folks, New to the forums as well but really enjoy the community information. Trading the Dow for 6 months now using supports and resistances but the recent rally has caught me off guard. Already in a short position and unsure what to make of the movements. Can it go any higher? 19,000 plus or even 19,400 in extension is what the market data news is saying. Seems obscene given the uncertainty of the new president elect and like you say, Brexit among other factors. Does one stay short or cut the losses now? Many thanks Vasilis
  15. Looking for some advice. The markets have gained since Trumps victory. Where is the Dow Jones heading? Currently sitting at circa 18,740. I have some short positions open, do I cut my losses or is a market fall coming? Thanks all.
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