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  1. Uncertainty. The state of Victoria including Melbourne went into it's second lock down around 7th July and is still in it.
  2. https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-08-27/covid-19-coronavirus-vaccine-fast-tracked-how/12589324 How convenient. Less than threes years after Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) was created we manage to have a disease that requires this funding body. Stinks like a practice run. A 'imagine if Ebola wasn't contained' practice run.
  3. Fly Qantas, everybody wears their Qantas issued masks. Then it's Qantas issued snack time. 'Gotta eat my nuts, everyone knows the casual virus doesn't spread during Qantas snack time. Masks down everybody.'
  4. I think the UK has set aside a 'conservative' figure of 60,000 Life Years Lost next year to delayed cancer diagnosis/treatment. Don't know figures on suicides, domestic violence, substance abuse, or bankruptcy etc, sorry. Mean while in Sweden.
  5. If you hung on to that point you are in the wrong game. It may ultimately go higher but the odds are stacking. I got out as soon as it hit $16KAU. Wait for the dumps to occur and do it all again. Sh!tcoin got me a 66% profit in about a year.
  6. With respect. I have read many of your post's and I'm very concerned. Have you seen a psychiatrist recently, your posts are very negative and I'm concerned about your health. Take care.