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  1. @CharlotteIG, @JamesIG, Hi, we still don't have a response on the above?
  2. Hi @JamesIG, perhaps you could help us out with this?
  3. I'm having the same issue. @CharlotteIG, would you be able to assist us with this please? Thanks.
  4. Agreed! I was considering on purchasing all of my shares on trading 212 going forward as they do not charge commission, and considering that I care only for investing as opposed to trading, the functionality of the platform is less important to me. I'm not sure if anyone has any bad experiences on Trading 212 which would make me reconsider?
  5. @TrendFollower Hi, are you able to help with the above please? Thanks!
  6. Another thing that is unclear on their charges is regarding whether I can make 3 UK trades in one month, and then qualify for the $0 commission on US trades in the following month? @CharlotteIG replied to one of my posts on this but I still don't see where this is stated explicitly in any of IG's terms and conditions. Perhaps you can confirm? I believe Charlotte stated that you must make 3 UK trades the month prior to qualify for the £3 commission on UK shares and 3 US trades to qualify for the $0 commission. Can anyone please confirm whether this is the case? Th
  7. Ok. I was under the impression that it could be any 3 trades (i.e. 2 UK and 1 US) which would give you the best rate across both types of shares as I don't believe this is explicitly stated anywhere in the terms? Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. Hi all, The terms of the share dealing commission rates and custody fee are such that: If 3 trades are made in the month prior, the "best rate" is obtained, and; If 3 trades are made in the previous quarter, there is no quarterly custody fee. Therefore, am I right in thinking that we can make 3 US trades (from the UK) per month which will be free from commission, and also avoid the custody fee simultaneously? Thanks in advance.
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