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  1. Hi Had a couple of issues recently. First on was that when an open position stopped trading for the day on the LSE the price indicators were a fair bit higher then my bought price yet the line showing my bought price and the P/L showed a loss? bang head on wall, HOW? Today Ive had issues with 10/15/30 minute candle views on mobile app where it will show one candle on 15mins for an hour and a half. HOW? Switch to 5 mins and there they are! go back to 15 and boom, one candle. Also charts are really power hungry! kills mobile devices.
  2. so after a bit of digging i have found that there are obviously the £10 per trade fees as im in the first month, the minimal .10c section 31 fee and the 0.5% FX fee! gulp which looks like this on my trades so far (ive left out the bigger numbers this is derived from. the FX fee seems to be a bit hidden as it's not listed out anywhere. First two lines show quite a difference as one was 600 shares and the other 150 both almost the same value.
  3. Hi All Started trading on here on the 15th. Bought some US stock, waited and sold it for profit and according to my account history made $190.70USD, now the interesting bit. given £10x2 charges that IG take plus $0.13 commission by the time I'm back into GBP on the history I have 66.34 profit. How?? if exchange rate is 1.22 ish, (cant find it now) gbp should be 154 less fees? What am I missing. Done subsequent USD profit trades making IG £120 in charges so far and all are showing low return in GBP.
  4. dig a bit deeper, i think there are charges if you dont trade within 2 years. may be £30 or something like that.
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