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  1. Worth noting that some options expire one or two days before the actual future contract does. So if that is the case, with the option you miss out on the last day of fun that the US Oil May contract showed. The same can apply to automatic rollover if I'm not mistaken, i.e. you get rolled over to July contract before the day of the June contract expiry.
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    US OIL

    Yes, I did this and got a nice little email from IG: I replied back asking what did I do wrong and if I could see any T&Cs that advised against this, but no reply yet...anybody know? Anyhow, the gap between the front contracts have reduced significantly so the opportunity is much lower than it used to be... Cheers
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    US OIL

    Does anybody know where the IG US Oil Spot price comes from? It has been quite higher than historical daily WTI spot published by EIA: https://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/rwtcD.htm E.g., on 13 April the EIA reported $22.36 and in IG it was around $28? tks!