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  1. Thanks for your reply, I have tried Order ticket and US market ticker Amazon which is currently open. See photo attached But i am still having the same problem with the huge stop loss minimum and cannot change stop loss to Normal. I figured that my account status is Limited- Account, hence this is why i cant change stop loss setting? How would i resolve this issue, please advise. Thanks
  2. Hi all, This is my first time in an IG live CFD account. I am having trouble with changing my guaranteed stop loss to normal stop loss. I have used the demo CFD account for a few weeks and it could easily change it with no problem. Another problem is that the guaranteed to stop is forcing me to have a huge gap (min displayed). The share price is $2.13 and stop loss minimum is about $1.044. This is absurd! I've attached a photo of the problem if someone could please help me. My account is Australia based. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for your reply, I am based in Australia. I have a CFD account but uses it for spread betting. I am still in the learning process and using a demo account. Im not 100% sure of IG spread betting is tax-free in Australia like in the UK.
  4. Hi all, I was told by someone that any profit made through CFD trading will not be taxed as long as they are not withdrawn from the trading account to a personal bank account. If this is the case, i can just withdraw what is needed in small amount and only get tax by the withdrawn amount, is this true? Or do you have to report all CFD profits to ATO. If that is the case, does IG statement for tax refund purposes show withdrawn amount and capital gain/profit made for the year? Thanks!