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  1. still no answer from IG staff. This is shocking service 😴
  2. Still cant buy more of or sell EFOI. Can you at least let me sell it so its out my way?
  3. Title explains it all... Also why could i not trade ticker EFOI today even though i already have some? Also AYRO? It says to call to open or close a position but we all know there is never any point in calling IG
  4. Doesn't even ring! No switchboard or a queue system. Is someone running this website from their bedroom?
  5. I see that but what i want to know is what happens to my open positions which i was in the process of putting a SL and TP but it wouldn't go through. I could be bankrupt or a millionaire
  6. Web app and mobile apps are not working in the middle of the trading day! This is precious money making time but IG is making it going bankrupt time!
  7. I have the same question too. Its been a bad enough start to my IG trading as it is after this week, i could do without the £470 extra daylight robbery lol The prices of most the stocks are already higher than most other online brokers as it is you'd think that would be enough. Can someone please explain? I'll be moving onto another broker if im having to pay these high fees
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