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  1. Hello Whenever I have open positions, I cannot understand my total account value in my shares ISA. I haven't used it in a while but it's something I always notice and find it confusing. I bought two shares yesterday, The total profit and loss in the positions tab is plus £220. But my Total account value has only gone up around £90. Even after factoring in trading fees, it does not tally up. I have noticed this before, It seems whenever I use the account the odd £100 or more just seems to go missing. Maybe it's because I am buying American shares. Could it be due to the exchange rate? If so what are we being charged for currency conversion to dollars? I thought it was 0.5% but it appears to be more like 2% thanks in advance 🙂
  2. thanks DoctorStrange, I'll give that a go next time 🙂
  3. hello, does anybody know if it is possible to buy shares on the CSN or CSNX as it sometimes called? The share doesn't appear when I search for it on the IG dealing platform. I was hoping I could buy it over the phone but I've never succeeded in getting through on the phone. I give up after 30 or 40 minutes on hold, I'm beginning to wonder if IG still offer the phone dealing service S
  4. I encountered this problem last Friday and it persisted on Saturday. When I logged on on Sunday, the cancel button appeared and I was able to cancel the order
  5. Hi all, I have placed a buy order for some shares but changed my mind. There is no cancel button anywhere. Any idea if it is possible to cancel an order? thanks s
  6. thank you for replying Caseynotes, I appreciate it. I will email IG
  7. Hi, Thank you for reply My interface is slightly different to yours. In my interface, I don’t have an “Order” option at the top like your example. Just “Deal” and “Alert”. When I click “Add to Workspace” I still do not get an “Order” option at the top . Also my “Help” dropdown menu is different to yours. I do not see any option for video guides. There is an “IG Webinars” but this gives a “404 Object no found” error .I recently bought some shares. I set a LIMIT order (or so I thought) to buy shares at 80p if they dropped from the current price of just over 90p,. The order went through immediately. My receipt says I used a STOP order but I don’t think I did. I thought I used a LIMIT order. I’ve never used a stop order before when buying? When I try to re create what I did, there is no STOP order for buying shares, only LIMIT or fixed price quote. . Also if I try to recreate what I did, a box pops up asking me to “confirm order”, which is what I would always expect. When I bought at 90p there was no option to confirm order, like I was expecting so I could double check, it just went through immediately, no confirmation, no indication that anything had happened, until I checked my balance. I have some questions. . Why does my html 5 interface look different to yours, and the online help? Has the interface changed again recently? . Why is STOP order no longer an option when I try to double check what I did, was this a glitch, or is it because the market is currently closed, and do stop orders not require user to press confirmation button? . When I logon, I am often faced with the old interface with the Flash charts. I have to keep logging out and logging back on until the new interface appears. Is there anyway of stopping this? Please see screen grabs below
  8. Hi Charlotte There is no order tab on my interface. Only Deal and Alert. Also I have no control over which user interface appears when I log on. Sometimes it is the new flat GUI. Sometimes it is the older chunky GUI. I have to log off, log on again and just see which interface appears. Is your platform compatible with Apple Mac?
  9. Hi, thank you for reply. The first time I logged on to my new account, I seemed to keep switching between two different interfaces or platforms. One was flat and simple GUI and I could change between light and dark backgrounds. It looks like this. This is the one where I tried to place a buy order hoping it would be executed when markets open but it wasn't allowed The second platform was a chunkier interface looking like this. It has tabs across the top and is mid grey. This chunkier platform will not let me look at charts. (It wants me to install Flash). I could look at charts with this platform 2 days ago, but not anymore. So the first time I logged on 2 or 3 days ago, I could switch between the two different platforms. Since yesterday I every time I logon, I only get the flat GUI with no tabs across the top, This morning I logged and it was the chunky UI for a change but no charts available. But since then every time I log on, it is back to the flat UI. I have been buying shares occasionally online for over 12 years using several different providers. I have also used many different crypto exchanges. I am not an expert, but this is the first time in 12 years I have opened an account with a provider and not been able to place a trade within the first 5 minutes. Its 3 days later and I still don't have a clue. I am on a Mac and have tried Safari and Chrome. The IG help videos look different to my interface so do not help thanks in advance ste
  10. Hello all, Nooby question here Is it possible to place a buy order for shares when the market is closed? I can on other platforms. On IG it just gives me a message saying the market is closed. Also I logged on for the first time yesterday and today the interface is completely different. Are there 2 different web apps, one for trading and one for buying shares? thanks in advance
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