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  1. Hi All, Please aware of the penny stock fee in IG . I brought 5000 share per share @ 0.48507 the total amount was 2425.35 . This will cost commission of 100 $ for BUY and for your sell fee is same ie 100 $. Like other platform IG does not cap the commission fee to 1%. It could have been nice if IG charge same as other platform. I will never buy less 5 $ penney stock from IG .
  2. Hi All, Please let me know does anyone trade US penny stock. When I started trading US stock for all the transaction there use to be currency conversion charge and this was costing a lot. Since my account base currency was GBP for every trade in USD I use to pay currency conversion rate which was costing a lot for me . Then I decided to convert all my GBM capital into USD (Stopped instant conversion). However now I can see all my trade per share IG is charging 13 pence from my account . It's almost equal to looting my account Example : Share : Bionano Genomics Inc
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