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  1. Incas anyone else has the same issue.... I spoke to Support via live chat and they gave me the following solution open the chart in question right click and click on "custom trading hours" find the appropriate heading on the left make sure the settings are as per the image
  2. Tried the 100,000 units - doesn't make a difference. Will give support a try. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks , but it doesnt show further back than Oct/Nov 2013, even if I select 10 years or 10,000units. Never used to be the case, this has only started happening this week for me Thanks for your response though.
  4. Longer term charts on PRT are only showing data going back to 2014 - they were previously showing a lot more. Problem started this week, Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Timeframes Germany30 and also some FOREX Does anyone have the same issue or a solution please? Thanks
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