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  1. Hi guru, indices only close at weekends so I would need to know where I was putting all my orders well in advance and that's not what I wanted to do. It's ok it was a bad idea anyway
  2. I think I'm one of those people trying to be clever and think of some new way to trade the markets and your simple system works better. Point proved it might be overly simplistic to you but I wondered if your R/R ratio and method of moving the stop is actually as good as any other method? Our similar to what you'd do in reality?
  3. Hi all, excuse my nievety on the subject but given that a lot of buy and hold investments are index tracking. Would it be so bad to open a long futures position at the start of every month on an index and close it at the end of each month and repeat. It's not intelligent but given stock markets tend to close up more than they close down wouldn't you end up on top? Also your adding leverage into the mix to amplify the capital you can play with compared to investing where it may have less of an impact.
  4. Just come across all your posts THT, very insightful thanks. If nothing else for me it's showed me I'm out of my depth and don't yet understand markets. Perhaps this will encourage me to actually learn from others and not to think I know what I'm doing as clearly I don't. The fact you have such tight stops amazes me but goes to show is possible when you read the markets correctly. Trading is a mad world from the outside looking in.
  5. Thanks a lot, Trading view is essentially a rival to IG I assume? I came across this recently and wondered what others thought. https://tradologics.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA3NX_BRDQARIsALA3fIKAbmNi7azE8xuKL-LjAKgqCT-2HJl-c1Kgnu_lm3XXd-UNhfncuXgaAl_fEALw_wcB
  6. Ok thanks, I'm guessing there are tutorials on how to code with it? Just need the time to learn. I wonder if you could pay someone to do it for you.. Perhaps that exists already.
  7. Hi all, has anyone got any advice on how to back test a strategy automatically? Doing it manually backward or in present is pretty tedious in finding and I wonder if it wouldn't be so hard to automate it via one of the platforms. I've done some macro and script writing before but not in any major programming languages so something not too hardcore would be good. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Anyone know why when you try to place orders late at night the minimum distance from the market you can place the order can be 300 points? Am I supposed to just stay up all night waiting for this to drop! Aloe off moves can start in the early hours so how can you get in on that.. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hi all, just wondered when stock markets tend to go a bit dead for Christmas/new year? I realise it will be possible to trade up close to Christmas but just wondered if it's worth it.
  10. I don't really understand the all out ban. Why not just regulate more. For example force people to start on demo. They have to prove profitability over a set period of time on that. If they do that they can open a live account but can only deposit a small amount e.g £5k if they make money over a period of time lift restrictions and let them do what they want. If they go to zero take them back to demo or stop them completely on that particular platform. A ban just seems like a lazy option as it costs to build a structure like this and manage it.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. At the moment I'm wondering how much I need news sites. I'm just using technical analysis but it's always good to know events that are going to cause the markets to move beyond the norm. Seems to be a mixed bag of people who do rely on news and others that don't.
  12. Is IG platform just lacking indicators and flexibility? Do you pay for MT4? Sorry I could read about it on IG website. I just wonder if it would make a difference to me to switch now I know the IG platform. Hopefully they work in a similar way.
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