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  1. Ive been testing the demo platform for a few weeks and keep coming across the same issues: Not able to amend/move the limit and stop on open positions Not able to close positions (usually when i'm in profit) Showing I have an open position but wont let me close or amend it (usually when i'm in profit) Showing I don't have any positions open yet my Profit/Loss is fluctuating as though I do. Showing I do have an open position but my Profit/loss is £0.00 (not moving) All these issues seem to be technical, it's not because of account balance, margin, or user error..... At this very moment I have a profitable position open, it wont let me close the order or edit it in anyway "sorry an unexpected error has occurred" Obviously this isn't a big deal on a demo account but it is definitely putting me off creating a live account. Are these issues common on live accounts and how do people deal with them? It seems as though a log is created every time an order is placed or amended. If I try to close a position on a live account and one of these issues occured, would IG be aware of it and would they honour the price that I attempted to close at? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks