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  1. IG is a big public company, its more likely to be incompetence than nefarious. some small dodgy brokers though are notorious for dirty tricks like showing you candles that dont exist. cfd brokers have a dealing desk whose job is to hedge unmatched trades and take counterparty trades where they expect to profit. the profits are huge. https://www.iggroup.com/investors/financial-results these dont come from shaving tight spreads and commission. indeed close to 50% profits on revenue. can only come from people blowing up their accounts. it's the cfd business model, over-leveraged a
  2. I only noticed because the price headed back to the same level, I looked at the chart and I thought hang on this should have triggered hours ago. I didnt wait for the trigger then, I closed it out at a profit by pure luck.
  3. hmm. IG play market maker, your trades never see the light of day. Basically they want to have their cake and eat too. If there is no one taking the opposite side of a trade on IG they have to take the counterparty. market makers should not be allowed to reject a price they offer if you accept it. They already screwed me over on oil options by refusing to buy my 4 in the money options. they sold off tiny lots and left me with 2.73 out of the money options. Apparently me selling 4 cfd options moved the entire market. this kind of disgraceful behaviour by cfd brokers needs
  4. I use them on every transaction as I am in Australia and can't watch the US markets. It's a good question if they work, they seem to work in the oil market I get profits most nights. They seem to work maybe 95% of the time. The IG systems seem to be suffering sever lag at random, I sold off a couple of points of a contract and the PNL didnt update, I called the dealing desk and it finally updated like several minutes later, while the guy was looking at it. With that kind of lag if the price retraces back over the limit then it probably wont trigger, that's what I am guessing is going
  5. it's a live account, someone from IG should explain what went wrong. how often does this happen? and to how many accounts has it happened? people are waiting
  6. non-sequiteur. I have already posted my trade, it is now in the public domain. 10,000 posts and you caim you are not an employee, sorry I dont beleive you. so far it is clear the platform is neither reliable, honest nor fair. is it a privacy issue discussing this?
  7. I think youll find the law is there to protect me, not you. so if I give you permission to discuss my trade there is no liability to you for doing so. since you are an IG employee I would have thought its your job to go to your employers and report there are issues. but what is your job, ensure nobody says anything bad about IG? I also think that people have a right to expect the platform is fair, honest and reliable.
  8. you have my permission to discuss the details of this trade on the forum whats your position there? public relations?
  9. whats not clear? tried to sell my options but the system wouldnt let me. and when it did it only sold 1.27 out of 4 options leaving the rest out of the money. I think this is called fake slippage since these options never saw the light of day of a real market. carefactor zero from IG
  10. so yet another failled profit limit trigger. can see the short trade on gold was automatically opened just after midnight (red circle on chart) with a take profit limit which the price went through by several points past the spread about 3am and ... nothing, price went back up and has just now come back to the 1936 level. needless to say I closed it out manually. and no its not a stop loss, its a short and the dotted line is a take profit limit. there is no stop loss on the trade. ignore the prices on the left thats just where the cursor was when I took snapshot. can someone from IG
  11. oil, 40 point stop hunts gold same thing huge stop hunts
  12. the pumps and dumps dont bother me as I then not to use stops and they reverse pretty quick. I use them as setups for quick profits. I set orders/trades with shortish limits to catch them. see image I posted above. you get them plenty everywhere. generally institutions or market makers hunting for stops or to create liquidity for a big reversal.
  13. If I were to show you bitcoin charts and gold charts would you be able to pick which is which? the key to trading any of these is keeping your leverage as low as possible and have sufficient capital to not care if you get a crash and still have plenty of money to repair your trades. there's a reason all these cfd brokers encourage high leverage. one doesn't make £300m profit by just shaving spreads even at a cavernous 30 points. I like bitcoin it has plenty of volatility
  14. if the spread here wasn't so cavernously wide. I am moving all my bitcoin trades to the exchanges, slowly.
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