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  1. Please explain the following👇 Settlement Trading in DJX options will cease on the day preceding the settlement day.The settlement, DJS, is calculated using the opening price in the primary market of each component security on the day of expiry. Can anyone explain with an example as to what is opening price and the formula for calculating settlement price on monthly weekly and daily options on DJIA
  2. How does settlement of Options Prices takes place at IG.com.Is there a method ?
  3. IG offers Daily Weekly and Monthly Options on Oil
  4. They don't have a working order facility with options.Do not trade them until you fully understand the risks involved.
  5. I recently executed a trade on Wall Street DJIA Options with 19th June Expiry on my Demo Account.The trade was initiated on 12th June where 26100 call was sold to open at 178 points.Today was expiry date and US Markets were still trading and something caught me off guard as I saw my position closed at a very strange settlement price.26484 as a settlement price was used .there's no way market made even came that close for even a second.I am confused and scared with what I witnessed.
  6. I am finding it bit difficult to understand the timings for options trading at IG.Com.Can somebody help?
  7. How different are live accounts in comparison to demo accounts in terms of slippages and bid ask spreads?Are there any hidden costs that one does not realise while trading demo accounts?
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