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  1. Same thing here. 2 shorts on WTI. Balance showing in head but positions not on platform. No stop loss on either trade. Squeaky **** time as someone once said. Not happy
  2. I've also been directed to the old platform at times. I've found it's just a matter of patience. When you sign in you must wait for the buffering to complete before clicking CFD. If it is still buffering when you click CFD it will always take you to the old platform.
  3. I like to read the US Technicals (by Wang Tao I believe) when considering taking a position. The analysis includes charts provided by IG. It is a little vexing however that he quotes prices in USD when my default currency is GBP. Any reason for the discrepancy and other than opening a new tab for currency conversion is there a way around it? TIA
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