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  1. Bitcoin Cash USD has retraced over the past few days, and Is beginning to show signs of strength. In the 1 hr chart shown below, we can see that the short term downtrend bias is slowly changing back to bullish bias. The price had broken a 1 hr swing high today. I am looking to enter the market after a pullback down and a break of the recently formed higher high
  2. I am looking at the bullish trend in cotton, with an inside bar formed on Friday (today) The market is strongly bullish on both the daily and weekly timeframe, with the next nearest major resistance around the 7920 area. Below is a snapshot of the daily and 1 hr charts. There is a triangle pattern forming on the 1 hr chart. The market could potentially fill the highlighted area on Monday if it breaks the daily/weekly high feel free to share your ideas
  3. SGD/JPY has broken a weekly double top pattern with the next level of resistance at around the 8500 area. There is a clear triangle/pennant formation in the one hour chart. There is a good probability that this market heads higher to retest the 8500 area. I am not thinking of entering this trade right now - maybe on the breakout of this pattern on early Monday morning.
  4. GBP/JPY is forming a head and shoulderlike pattern on the daily chart. It is clear that this market is currently swinging between support and resistance levels (i.e it is not currently in any clear trend in the daily chart). However, I believe there is a potential opportunity to capitalise on the move downwards to the next major support level. The rectangle on the 1 hr chart is where I believe the market is going to fill:
  5. SA40 has pulled back and formed a bullish weekly candle. Zooming into the Daily timeframe, I can see a strong bullish candle, followed by an inside bar consolidation. I am thinking of entering this market on the break of the high of the daily/inside bar/weekly high on Monday.
  6. Hi everyone, hope you are well. I am just browsing through the currency markets and the following chart looks interesting: the hourly chart shows consolidation after strong downward momentum. the weekly chart (2nd chart below) shows that the market is trending down. The horizontal lines in the weekly chart show the potential areas of strong support/resistance feel free to comment this is my first post. I will be sharing my analysis of the markets going forward. thankyou
  7. I have been browsing through the charts to find some good momentum setups. There are two markets which seem to look positive Trading Setups 1) Bearish Weekly inside bar setup in EUR/JPY 2) Bearing Weekly Outside bar setup in AUS 200 Attached to this message are the screenshots. Please feel free to comment  
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