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  1. The IG mobile app has been freezing since the latest update. This is an issue that IG is aware of (especially on Samsung Note 10). This issue occured while I was transferring funds towards my open positions, and prevented me from accessing my account to close out open positions. As a result I incurred huge losses (please note: I have hardly incurred any losses since joining IG, against securing reasonable profits in the same period). I've experienced very high levels of anxiety in the past 24hrs since this incident occurred, I have not been able to sleep and had a panic attack this morning as a result. I contacted the helpdesk and they did not answer my calls until 2hrs later. They were very rude and suggested that perhaps I was cooking or doing my hair and was distracted, therefore incurred the losses! Can you believe this? I have done some research and found this is a known issue and I would like to know if anyone here experienced the same issue, as I intend to escalate.