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  1. I have a share trading account with IG. I'm getting frustrated with IG for the lack of support. Charts can not be display that are currently in Working Orders Tab and unable to load up new charts via searching. Depth table are not showing. https://streamable.com/4j0lpi -Reset browers to default; -tested on different browsers; -uninstall/install browsers/java/flash; -tested another desktops/laptops/mobile devices; and -issue still remain the same.
  2. I have a stock under Position tab "Call to Close" whys that? The market is currently open and I'm not using any margin trading.
  3. I have opted for new trading platform under Settings/Platform. Now it will intermittently revert back to the old platform, after a few time logout log back in it will bring me to new / old platform. Is this a technical issue? Regards Wae.
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