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  1. I’m seeing errors around the number of shares I own on the app - how am I supposed to sell all my shares (400 in ACTT/FREE) if the platform incorrectly states I have max 30 shares ! No response from twitter help or email and no-one picks up calls. Losing money and getting fed up 😡
  2. I’m waiting for news on this change too - have emailed in 3 times / no-one seems to know anything. Can’t get through on phone lines.
  3. Hi , I’m interested in a couple of SPAC’s but can’t see them listed eg ACTT (Act II Global Acquisition), GAPQ (Gordon Pointe Acquisition) etc. Also, can’t find warrants - is this a US only thing? I did hear other UK platforms offered warrants. Will the above SPACS / general warrants be available in the near future? Thanks
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