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  1. I know I will be crucified for this, keep hearing of this 19% winners = 81% losers, that's about the same odds as a fruit machine. Regardless of the money management, Trading Plan, Trading Strategy, Trading Systems that clients might put in place, its a gamble, dont be fooled that you are trading, or investing, you are gambling. The market is virtually impossible to predict, the big boys, (JP Morgan, Blackrock) cant even get it spot on), The Dow at this moment is trading 15% above what the market was 3 years ago and I cant remember the markets being effected by anything we have going on these days. Strategies, management and plans are words that have been banded around for decades around casinos long before spread betting came into the realm and Casinos are still getting bigger and richer.. I had a friend (sadly passed away), worked for JPS morgan, a professor of physics, he studied charts and trends and relayed his finding to the trading floor, his advice to me was dont deal in the market as he never bought a single share in the 7 years he worked there. Didn't listen, I still ending up losing a few hundred. IG are not robbing people, they just provide a gambling environment, you can buy £50,000 of BT paper shares, suddenly bad figures come in and your sitting on a £5,000 loss.. What I will leave you with: Gamble responsibly ( dont let it govern, rule or ruin your life) Have fun ( you dont go to a casino to get stressed and upset, so why do that when you spread bet) The House always wins (or else it wouldn't be in the game)