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  1. Good to know, thank you so much Caseynotes - I was a bit confused when I saw a spread of 12 on the GER30 but 1.2 would make sense (as that's what it usually is on the IG platform) 😄
  2. Brilliant, I've got it working. Out of interest, on Market Watch it is stating the spread for EUR/USD is 9 - is that 0.9 or 9?! 9 seems amazingly high
  3. Hey Caseynotes, Thank you very much for the reply - great r.e. SB and CFD, I presumed it was similar to the issue with IG stating indices are futures on PRT. I've tried that server and it has a tick, but when I use my login details (same for my MT4 live acc) it states 'Common error' in the bottom right and can't connect. Are the login details the same as my MT4 live? Edit: It shows common error and then after a minute or two states 'Invalid Account' - despite me having logged in to the live server with the same login details?
  4. Which broker did you go with Dean? I'm assuming IB? It is pretty disappointing that PRT isn't being upgraded, it's good as it stands but lacks a lot from other platforms such as ninjatrader.
  5. Hi All, I've managed to get MT4 working on my mac (using an MT4 version from another broker) main reason being I want to test a few strategies with lower amounts of money per trade - to get used to MT4 I am wanting to use the demo account rather than the live, what is the server for IG demo? Also, when going through Market Watch I noticed that despite me logging into my MT4 Live Spreadbet account, they all state the calculation is CFD?! Why is that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  6. Have to agree, the email I received yesterday just said 'we want to work with you, not against, any losses we reimburse' - completely missed the point! The platform is now showing I have a position of £1/point but it should be £3.5/point
  7. Hi All, I've tried emailing support with a pretty pathetic response, the last 3 days I have been trying to place trades on my demo account, with variable results via IG and PRT: The trade appears not to be placed but then PRT sends me a notification it hit my stop loss The trade appears not to be placed but my P/L is moving, despite no positions being open (image attached) Why is this happening? I'd understand volatility and being unable to place a trade, but surely trades shouldn't be placed/accepted if you can't actually see or control them?
  8. Hi All, Experiencing a rather unusual scenario at the moment, I'm about £30 up on a scalp on two trades but I'm unable to exit either of them on PRT - the X on the chart is greyed out and when clicking 'exit' on the order book, it does nothing? Does anyone know why this is or how to resolve the issue? Many thanks, J
  9. Great, thanks Casey, wanted to ensure I wasn't going mad
  10. Hi All, This week I've been scalping the indices and seeing good success rates, my query involves PRT and maybe me being a bit naive but earlier I was looking at the Germany 30 (DFB) or DAX but when I click the 'i' above the chart on PRT it states the 'type' is Future? Maybe I've got confused, but the Germany 30 (DFB) should be classified as a share/stock and not a future surely? Any help would be much appreciated. Jonathan
  11. True, although I wouldn't mind paying for the Order Book feed data for the UK and US.
  12. Thanks @Caseynotes - good to know. Shame that we can't get the premium, the IG version of PRT seems massively limited, the order book is empty etc.
  13. Hi @Caseynotes - this page seems to imply you could get PRT Premium without paying (presuming you hit the minimum trades): https://trading.prorealtime.com/en/ig
  14. Hi @Caseynotes, I've been following a lot of your posts on here which have been invaluable, thanks for replying to this one. I was getting really confused as the CFD Shares and ETF page was stating 0.1% commission plus the £10. So just to clarify, you pay the Spread on FX, Indices but you pay a commission (0.1%) for Share CFDs? Think link with the examples seems to imply the minimum charge does apply: https://www.ig.com/en/cfd-trading/charges-and-margins
  15. Hi All, Hoping I can find a quick and easy answer - I've been using PRT after I signed up for IG, but it's clear that it's only the ProRealTime Complete that you get via IG. In comparison, I see PRT are offering ProRealTime Premium via their site and you can sign up with IG or Interactive Brokers. Is there anyway to get the ProRealTime Premium linked to your current IG account, or do I need to close it and then reopen via PRT? Also, if signing up via ProRealTime, can you only access CFDs on IG, or can you also access the Spreadbetting etc? Any help would be much appreciat
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