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  1. I have been disturbed to find the figures reported in my trading history do not" add up" when I have decided to realise a loss or take a profit . the dollar loss on a same day trade of for example buy 20 shares AMDfor $1162.40 and sell $ 1148.80 = loss of $13.60 shows as buy £915.87 and sell £895.91 = loss £ 19.96. ( Difference not accounted for by exchange rates of.$/£ 1.29 and 1.28.) similarly bought50 shares WFC ave px $28 = $1400 s and sold for $1492.50 for profit $92.50 hows as buy for £1147.23 and sell for£1177.90 =profit shown of £30 instead of £70. a prior much larger profit of over $200 on AECOM also not reflected in sterling balances. I qualify for free trades so I would like explanation of where my GBP profits are to be found please. Thank you for your prompt response as I have been unable to reach you by phone. Namaste Susan Reed
  2. can I put Options n my Stocks and Shares Isa and if so how do I do so please. Thanks for help