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  1. IG emailed, but I'm not able to respond to their email (I get delivery failure messages on the response). Below is my response: Thanks for the reply. I was able to open BTC just then on the daily through to monthly timeframes, but not the 4hrly. I trade using a 4hrly system. So that seems to be what the problem is... loading the timeframe. PRT to investigate? Cheers,
  2. Anyone else having this issue with their crypto PRT tiles not loading atm. Spoke with IG over the phone and put in an issue report. All other instruments (indices, commods, FX) seem to be load on to my tiled pages ok. Cheers
  3. Hi all, Having an issue where my Crypto (BTC, Ether, Ripple, Lietcoin) pages are not opening up on PRT? Have tried to log-in/out etc and add fresh Crypto tiled pages, but no luck... keep getting 'data not available'. Everything else fine. Cheers, DD