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  1. Thanks for the help . yes it was on Wednesday with 20% 1500 shares and Friday another 1500 on 13.25.
  2. what will be the 100% margin amount for AMC for 1500 shares bought at 19? and 14? can any one please help
  3. what will be the 100% margin amount for 1500 share of amc which i bought at 19?
  4. Hello Everyone . what is the process to trade non leveraged and Only for Brokerage use instruments? Precious
  5. Hello Community Members I have Just opened an account at IG I just want to know exact ratio of Leverage in IG as i am trying to get the exact information from website but cant get it. Please confirm if its different for commodities , Forex and ETF . like 1;20 ;1;50 or 1;100 . and from where i can change ? I will be thankful for the information so i can manage my risk. Reagrds
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