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  1. Thanks for your reply David, i appreciate that. Regards shaun
  2. Hello i am a newbie so i am still researching information, Is there a time limit to a trade, could i literally trade overnight if i am lucky enough not to hit my stop limit regards shaun
  3. Hi Charlotte, i have a question for you, i am just presently on the demo account and am trying to set up an order. I have 10,000 in the account. How do i know if i have only committed 1% of my account on the order, because there seem to be 3 figures, under the stop box it states £20, under the limit box £30, and in the margin box it states £1,457. Also when do i know if i have used leverage? Kind regards shaun Ps i have included a screenshot on here pps Thankyou i
  4. Hello all, Pleased to be a new member of this community. I have only just recently started this journey and am at present educating myself in the world of finance and trading. Kind regards Shaun
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