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  1. No trailing stop to protect yourself either! This whole ESMA transition has been handled poorly by IG. There was no plan B, and zero regard for the smaller clients (Those of us who don't have half a million in our account) I asked them to drop the bet sizes on all markets (10p a point etc), and got no reply. Whilst the margin ratio will be the same under the new rule- the size of the margin and potential losses will be lower. I (and everyone else ) would be quiet happy to trade smaller amounts and build it up from there.
  2. Yes another master stroke from the tools in Regulation! Can the last person in IG turn off the lights on the way out?
  3. Hi Nadelina Can all the commodities Soybeans etc be added to the knock outs? Thanks
  4. Thanks very much James It will just give everyone time to trade these for real, without being wiped out after a week
  5. Thanks James Can the bet sizes be reduced on these too?
  6. Can we get commodities added to the list?
  7. The people on here can figure it out for themselves,there are other providers as I found out Ig don't seem to give a toss!
  8. Yes 2013 I also remember Soybeans at 1 GBP a point to now 23 GBP a point No reason was given for the jump as I remember Take it or leave it
  9. No- It's BANNED according to James at IG to talk of companies providing a better service Good luck with your ESMA rules!
  10. It would appear not! I qualified easily on the other 2 requirements- no go apparently???? However when I applied to other spread betting companies with my trading record with IG- not a problem!!! I'm now enjoying my professional status, and can now venture into commodities as the margins are lower Good luck to IG and the tools in their credit dept. They are going to need it.......
  11. I know that's the requirement!!!!!!! I meant IG what people with this requirement of having 500k for obvious reasons...
  12. Eh they don't want you to be a professional client! They want people with 500k in their account
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