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  1. Is there a good reason the API only allows trading of CFD's bets etc. but not of stocks themself? Is this in the pipeline or deliberately ommited? If not in the pipeline can anyone suggest a good UK based API service to trade USA stocks? Thank you! Martin
  2. Greetings how do I set a limit and a stop simultaneously for a stock? When I place a limit order, it does not allow a stop order and when I place a stop order it does not allow a limit order? Is there any way to do this? Thanks! Martin
  3. Thanks a lot. I see the after hours trading closes at midnight GMT but NASDAQ still continues trading after this time, is there a reason the IG after hours trading timings does not cover the full times of NASDAQ after hours? About the fees it is odd as I converted funds > USD balance. But your notes imply there are fees if you don't opt for auto-conversion so I am confused. Can you update info on your site to accurately match the actualities please! Fees show as GBP 10 initiall then zero: http://prntscr.com/s8jgpw Does the above report accurately reflect commissions charged? I my case I have nothing after 31/3 which indicates there is no charge, but my balance is not in GBP it is held in USD so I am very confused! Is there some later commission bill that will come delayed ??? Martin
  4. Greetings, Two questions: 1.Sometimes afterhours I set a buy order at a price that matches current price but it just sites there, even if I increase my bid just stays there, share is TSLA, any ideas what causes this? It would be odd to think there is noone wanting to sell, am I doing something wrong? I have bought fine after hours similarly but sometimes it just sits there ? 2.I've converted my funds > USD and when I trade and check my statement for there are no fees for trading, is this normal and correct? NB I have manually converted the currency. Oh yes there is a small fee of $0.xx but no major fee? Very happy about this but the help says if trading on NASDAQ in USD there should be a minimum fee of $15 but I don't see this anywhere ??? Am I missing something obvious. Sadly the support help are not very helpful 😞 going in circles here. Martin