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  1. I haven`t noticed this but have you invested in only LSE companies? or have you invested in foreign companies as they will show in their own currency (e.g. invest in a canadian company the profit shown is in canadian dollars so IG will show that daily currency conversion which can be switched off and you can keep that currency and exchange it when you want).
  2. @CharlotteIG Can the below stock be added to share dealing and ISA accounts. Trades on the TSXV | Ticker EU enCore Energy Corp. (EU) TSXV - TSXV Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
  3. Morning, I put in an order for shares in Uber at a certain price 2/3 weeks ago which never got filled. When i went to cancel my order for the first week it would tell me the "order action - rejected" Now when i try to cancel it, it tells me the market isn`t online even though it has a green dot next to the name. I`ve tried calling IG for the past 2/3 weeks but I can never get through to their support (over 10min on the phone in a queue)
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