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  1. Down for me also I think the market will be closed by the time the system comes up Luckily it's only £34 quid for you, and not £120k negative PnL as it might be for some of us
  2. There is no system at the moment. It's been unavailable for 70 minutes.
  3. Any update on this please? It's been about an hour now and I can't log in. This can't happen
  4. Does the Crypto10 Index also get rebalanced to a Crpto9 index, as the removal of Ripple would surely have some downward price implications on the Crypto10 index
  5. Unfortunately the warning signs were there for a while. 2 weeks ago, those eagle-eyed amongst you, may have noticed IG removed Ripple from the Cryptocurrency price board on the main website. I do wonder, however, how their Crypto10 index is priced. Surely it needs to become a Crypto9 index now, and the price should reflect the removal of Ripple accordingly?
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