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  1. You guys should feel really lucky that IG is forcing a close on your positions at the top of the market.
  2. I loaded up on tons of SPACs just before the restrictions, lucky me. But now IG is refusing to add any more SPACs. The reason is they don't have any funds left to buy the underlying stock as we are all going on margin, the funds need to come from somewhere to hedge the position. They are using their own funds for that. They should issue senior notes or a common offering to raise funds like robinhood to be able to continue trading. It's not normal that us the retail investors have less tools than the institutions that are never restricted in their trading.
  3. I would like to update my message as I've withdrawn for the first time today and it was a good chunk of my money. It took less than 24h from the moment I clicked the button to the moment the money arrived in my bank account. I can only recommend IG to everyone now, excellent service. My friends had the same experience concerning withdrawals.
  4. Credit cards ?? Who uses cards to fund a trading account ?? Doesn't make any sense. My cards are limited and also they can be cut at any time by the bank for security purposes. I only use transfers, never I would think of using a card.
  5. I don't understand this question, I thought you could only withdraw to your bank account... I didn't even know you needed to wait until withdrawing. How would you withdraw if not to your bank account ??
  6. That's very very weird, a customer can't recover their funds if they want to ? And you are not able to give a timeframe ?
  7. Hello, Let's say I buy a stock for 100 USD with a guaranteed stop loss of 90 USD, the stock goes down to 90.10 USD and close the day there 10 cents from my guaranteed stop loss. Will the guaranteed stop loss be recalculated and moved or it will stay the same until it hit ? Because now I have a guaranteed stop loss only 10 cents from the actual price and the next day the stock could gap down and IG would lose money. Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a few questions about guaranteed stop losses in different scenarios. 1. What if the stock is delisted or goes to zero (because of a fraud or whatever else reason) ? Will it be honored ? 2. Will the guaranteed stop loss activate at the exact same price of the guaranteed stop loss or will IG start to sell before to try to exit without losses for them ? I want to be sure at what price does IG starts to liquidate the position. For example if my guaranteed stop loss is 10 usd, the stock is trading at 10.05, will IG start selling or will they wait for the exact price to reach ? Thanks.
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