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  1. Thanks - Dschenk - I will check my email and have a think
  2. no both are regular share dealing accounts not cfd accounts - thanks Caseynotes
  3. Ah - so I can trade my rights or I can exercise my rights. If so I need to decide what is the best course of action for me. I wonder why the price IG offers varies on different accounts? How do you get the best / better price?
  4. Thanks Casey. That's useful info. But I still have further questions. The IAG rights issue offers holders the right to buy 3 shares for every 2 they currently have, at .92 euros. Can I take up this offer or not? Is IG offering to buy my rights?
  5. IAG went XR yesterday and I was holding stock. I now have a separate entry in my positions with call to close against it. I have 2 different entries with two different prices in different accounts. Please could someone offer explanations? What is 'call to close" Why are there 2 different prices? Thankyou
  6. Charlotte (- or anyone else who can help....) please tell me where I find details of the refer a friend scheme and how to use it. Thankyou
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