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  1. There has been an uptick in the number of cases in our area in the last few days. I don't think it is just local,people are just not willing to observe the lockdown as stringently anymore- the rules are being "bent" and will be tested until destruction. The second wave is on it's way,I'm afraid! Well at least what we have done gave the NHS time to prepare.
  2. Hi,I am a newbie with IG so need to ask a few questions if that's OK. Firstly,when is the custody charge usually paid? Is it in the first weeks of April,July,October & January? Secondly,can someone please tell me whether I will actually have to pay the custody fee of £24 per quarter if I hold less than £15,000 across both my ISA & Share Dealing Accounts? I don't trade at all with my Share Dealing Account (this account IS open but I will never use it as it is obviously better for tax reasons to use the ISA) but trade frequently with my ISA ie between 50 - 100 trades per quarter. Thanks,in advance, for any help you can give.
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