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  1. hi every one , i have had pro trader removed from my platform , due to lack of use low trading volume , i would like this re instated i realise i will have to pay a £30 pcm fee , how do i get pro trader restarted thanks , i ve tried e-mailing and phoning the help centre but no joy there , thanks all
  2. hi all I have found tight stops prevent a potentially profitable trade , for example / I decide to enter a long trade at £5/point, I enter the trade on the one hour time frame , place a stop loss on the 4 hour time frame then place a take profit sell stop on the daily time frame once I have done my analysis and figured out where price may top out that day , I do not take more than a £500 loss on any trade , if I have stop loss too tight lets say £150 general market volitivity and noise may stop me out before the trade goes in my direction , views and opinions on this would ne most welcome
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