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  1. This is absolutely scadalous, still waiting on a response from their last batch of platform issues now I have been subjected to not being able to execute orders on SPX. Which has now made me negative. I honestly can’t believe this is how they operate. It’s truly outrageous.
  2. It’s back my open positions are even more negative
  3. The problem is you can’t even withdraw funds. im so desperate that I tried to withdraw funds to hopefully trigger a margin call. Can’t even do that
  4. You basically killing my account, I haven’t been able to access positions for 45 minutes. -this on top of the devestaing affect yesterday had on my account. Please please someone help.
  5. Thanks Casey, my issue is not with missing a trade it was failure and/inability to execute a close order. Which then toasted me. I understand certain issue can happen, especially during high vol and slippage can happen, but not being to able to close an order when you chose to pretty much makes it impossible to trade.
  6. Caseynotes you seem pro IG, not sure if you work for them or not, do you have any guidance?
  7. Do you have anyway to contact them, it’s clear the loss of service was solely me or related to my devices. So I am wondering do they willing accept accountability when the fault lies with them??
  8. Are you saying nit2wynit that IG take no accountability for execution issues?
  9. As anyone from IG alive, slipage is one thing having to hold the bag for 15 point swings because the platform goes down is unacceptable, if you platform can’t process the orders suspend at least suspend instruments This is crazy
  10. What is the resolution here through no fault of their own people have had their account blown out. what are IG going to do to rectify it.
  11. Any thoughts would be welcome Thanks
  12. Thank you very much, maybe because I am using the app, I will try my desktop version. thank you so much
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