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  1. Any thoughts would be welcome Thanks
  2. Thank you very much, maybe because I am using the app, I will try my desktop version. thank you so much
  3. Also noticed the cable and other majors aren’t available with the forward market.
  4. Thank you so much, re the spread, do you mean the size of spread is re-adjusted every three 3 months?
  5. Anyone know why this market is closed and how do I exit a position? thanks
  6. Hello, I have opened a position in a stock in my spread bet account as I couldn’t in my share account as apparently the position had to be leveraged. So far I have not seen any fees accrued even though the position is nearly a month old, when I hold positions in indices for example I get fees but haven’t seen any for this position. Before I add to it can you let me know what if any fees I am likely to incur. thanks
  7. Hello, I have had a look at the formulas for fees but it’s somewhat confusing, can someone simply tell me roughly what fees I am likely to encounter if I open a position on cable in my spreadbet account and keep it long term, ie months. Thanks
  8. If anyone can assist it would be great
  9. Hello, I just had a dance with the CFD platform, could you advise a breakdown of these costs please, obviously one is for the loosing trade hitting its S/L . Not sure about the rest though/ thank you so much
  10. Thank you I wonder if anyone else is having issues I am having all manner of issues with executions at that moment
  11. Some input from IG on this would be helpful as a result of this I am now thousands negative in my paper trade. Very reluctant to use my live platform until I get an explanation. The error I received was "Order Processor Cant Execute due to High Demand"
  12. Hello Is anyone familiar with this issue where the dealer wont execute. Thankfully its only costing me paper money as I was trading some new instruments for the first time. Otherwise I would have lost profit and lost way beyond my stop on another?
  13. Thanks Fletch, I had done some reading after I posted so basically, I gather, any profit from up to 20k investment is non taxable at all,
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