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  1. If anyone can assist it would be great
  2. Hello, I just had a dance with the CFD platform, could you advise a breakdown of these costs please, obviously one is for the loosing trade hitting its S/L . Not sure about the rest though/ thank you so much
  3. Thank you I wonder if anyone else is having issues I am having all manner of issues with executions at that moment
  4. Some input from IG on this would be helpful as a result of this I am now thousands negative in my paper trade. Very reluctant to use my live platform until I get an explanation. The error I received was "Order Processor Cant Execute due to High Demand"
  5. Hello Is anyone familiar with this issue where the dealer wont execute. Thankfully its only costing me paper money as I was trading some new instruments for the first time. Otherwise I would have lost profit and lost way beyond my stop on another?
  6. Thanks Fletch, I had done some reading after I posted so basically, I gather, any profit from up to 20k investment is non taxable at all,
  7. So to summarise throughout the year I can put up into 20K nvestment into the account, by taking money out, putting money back in etc but I am only paying tax on anything over 12.5K ?
  8. Thank you so much, I understand now,
  9. Sorry for my naivity can you explain "offset losses against tax liability?
  10. So it would be subject to the same charges and commissions as a share trading account, but the profits from this are Not taxable, is this correct? Also like standard bank isas any funds within the account are not subject to being locked in the account for a period of time? is this correct, many thanks
  11. Thank you for this information much appreciated
  12. Hi, I have been reading all the relevant information on SB vs CFD but I legitimately can’t see any reason why a CFD is more beneficial than spread betting, for example a chap on here traded 2 CFDs closed both for 000.1 profit but expended £40 on commission to place the trades, I would just like to know if anyone can provide a few tangible benefits of using CFDs as opposed to spread betting. thanks
  13. Hello, could someone point me in the direction of where I can find a pros and cons of IG Share Trading vs Share ISA just trying to figure out the best fit for me. thanks
  14. Hello, probably a obvious question but I am a newbee, I was just wondering why the massive the difference in margin requirements between CFD and spead betting?