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  1. When placing a Turbo24 order you see the price of the Turbo24. Instead you should see the price of the underlying. For example if i want to place a limit order for AUD/USD at 0.04495 I want to be able to enter that price. But instead I have to enter the Turbo24 price. It would be very useful if all prices are given in the underlying and then IG recalculate them to the actual Turbo24 price.
  2. I have a hard time calculating the exact cost of intraday trading the Tubo24. Im trading the USD/JPY and AUD/USD and can see the spread on the underlying asset but Im not sure if the spread in the underlying instrument reflects all the cost of actually buying and selling the Turbo24 as it does when trading the CFD. There is also a spread in the the actual orderbook of the Turbo24 which Im not sure how I can recalculate to pips cost in underlying asset. So there are two questions: Is the reported spread in the underlying reflecting the true cost of trading Turbo24? How do
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